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NB: Read and understand the difference between a PBC and PLC before submitting this registry. Proceed only when you have understood, if not. Allow us to assist you
Company Registration Form


1. For small to medium enterprises (SMEs)
2. Meant to formalise the informal sector
3. Allow 1 – 20 Directors
4. Only individuals can be shareholders
5. Business incorporated under the PBC Act

6. OUTPUT is a Statement of incorporation Which includes:
- Business name & Address
- Business objectives

- Particulars of Directors
7. Can later be converted into a PLC
8. Is much easier and cheaper to run than a PLC


1. 4 different proposed names of business
2. Physical & postal address of business
3. Company core business
4. 1 – 20 Directors, their nationality, ID numbers & address


1. For larger companies
2. ALLOWS 2 – 50 Directors
3. Institutions or Companies can be shareholders
4. Business incorporated under the Companies Act
5. OUTPUT is a - Certificate of Incorporation
- CR6 – place of Directors and address
- CR14 – particulars of Directors and addresses
6. Can also be converted into a PBC
7. More complicated and expensive to run

1. 6 different proposed names of business
2. Physical & postal address of business
3. Company core business
4. 2 – 50 Directors, their nationality, ID numbers & address

What is a Director?

A director is a person from a group of managers who leads or supervises a particular area of a company. Companies that use this term often have many directors spread throughout different business functions or roles (e.g. director of human resources).

What is a Shareholder?

A shareholder, also referred to as a stockholder, is a person, company, or institution that owns at least one share of a company's stock, which is known as equity. Because shareholders are essentially owners in a company, they reap the benefits of a business' success.

What is a Vendor Number?

A vendor number is a unique number issued to business entities that wish to supply the government and it's related agencies. The government is probably the biggest consumer of goods and services in Zimbabwe. This translates into millions of dollars worth in transactions each and every year.

Taxplo will provide principal secretarial services such as submitting statutory returns. Our aim is to take care of all company secretarial burdens so that your business concentrates on making profits

Company and Trust Registrations

Tabxplo registers all types of companies (Pvt Ltd, P.B.C, P+.L.C) and provide secretarial services which include Change of Directors, Name Change, Change in Shareholding Structure and Annual returns. Under trust registrations, service provided include facilitation, organization and coordination of family and business trust registrations

ZIMRA Registrations

Tabxplo assists companies and individuals to register with the Revenue Authority and get your Business Partner Number within the shortest possible time.

NSSA Registrations

Tabxplo ensures that your organization qualifies and complies with the requirements NSSA which guarantees future income for your employees.

PRAZ Registrations

Tabxplo facilitates registration with the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe. This enables companies and individuals to bid in government entities, parastatals, municipalities, schools, etc.

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Established in May 2015, Tabxplo provided corporate secretarial, financial, taxation, and media solutions that have turned around the fortune of many SMEs and large corporates.

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